Why China-U.S. ties are falling apart: a retrospective of changes in Sino-American relations (one)

By He Qinglian on November 25, 2011 

There are signs that the Sino-American wedding bed is quickly falling apart, and no remedy is possible in the near future. Apart from U.S. President Barack Obama's tough talk that criticized China for not abiding by international rules and its “not being invited” to Trans-Pacific Partnership, there was an even more important directional indicator: the annual report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. In that report forty-three recommendations had been listed, the first of which was: the U.S. Congress should commission the National Security Council to carry out assessments of the current China policy.

Confucius Peace Prize a mirror for Putin

Confucius Peace Prize: A Mirror For Putin 
Written by He Qinglian on November 22, 2011
There is nothing more embarrassing in the world than when someone solemnly gives out an award, believing that it brings honor to a recipient who sees that as a disgrace and shows contempt by remaining silence. Such an incident has just occurred: China International Center for Peace Studies (CICPS) awarded in November this year Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin the Second Confucius Peace Prize, to which both Putin himself and the Russian government have been unresponsive.

How to make China happy?

How to make China happy?
By He Qinglian on November 17, 2011

China has been very upset recently. The US-led APEC summit commenced with China not being invited to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement; at the same time, the ANZUS treaty was renewed, an incident that upset China all the more.

Emigration: the move to flee from the fatalistic spell of Socialism

By He Qinglian on November 8, 2011
Translated from: http://voachineseblog.com/heqinglian/2011/11/immigration/

While Russia has in formality completed a round of “democratization”, China still insists to stick with what the CCP refers to as the “Socialist path”. There is one thing these two countries have in common in the last two years: their citizens would try everything possible means to emigrate if they meet the necessary financial requirements.

Has China the Capacity to Save Europe?

Has China the Capacity to Save Europe?
Written by He Qinglian on November 3, 2011
(translated by krizcpec)
[Words in brackets are added by translator]

In this half a year or so, the expectation that China would invest and rescue the EU became the pillar of faith that hold up the Euro market. On October 28, after being lobbied by various EU members, China's Vice Foreign Minister, Fu Ying, officially announced that “the proposition of China rescuing Europe does not exist”. The topic that was being heatedly discussed for months has finally settled. Now that Beijing is determined not to assume the role of “White Knight” to save Europe, European leaders like Nicholas Sarkozy will have to discard their illusion and rely on themselves to weather this crisis.