Xi Jinping: the second most powerful man after Mao Zedong

Source article in Chinese: 习近平:权位之重仅次于毛泽东的独裁者
By He Qinglian on November 13, 2013

For the Communist Party of China (CPC), the biggest political achievement of the Third Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee is that a National Security Committee would be created to improve the national security system and strategy. According to the political logic of the CPC, “l'Etat est le Parti”, the so-called national security means nothing other than the security of the red regime. Whatever reform policies the so-called “reform group” may put forward in future serve only to safeguard that regime.

China's Shadow over the UNHRC

Source article in Chinese: 何清涟:联合国人权理事会上的中国阴影
By He Qinglian on November 14, 2013

Following the election of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on November 12, countries with bad human rights records like China, Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Algeria became its new members. Xinhua News Agency specially pointed out that China got elected with 176 votes (91% of total votes). When this story came out, twitter, the only place where Chinese netizens can freely express themselves, was boiled over. Some commented sarcastically that this was “an invasion of the UNHRC by barbaric tribes”. Cartoonist @badiucao drew a picture, the comeback of the Panda, which depicted a panda putting a barbed wire annulus with spikes onto the emblem of the UN.

Xi Jinping: slave to the CPC political system

By He Qinglian on November 9, 2013
Source article in Chinese: 习近平:中共政治制度的奴隶

There was no signal that a political reform would be initiated before the Third Plenum of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) convened. Nonetheless, overseas media outlets still sought to speculate Xi Jinping's political motives from the suspension of publication of the Little Red Book, and Xi's stopping short of paying homage to Mao's ancestral home in Shaoshan and the like. Some of those who have high expectation of Xi thought that, the General Secretary hasn't found a direction after he assumed office more than one year ago and his swaying political attitude upset the leftists, the rightists and the princelings alike—a judgment that seems to indicate the top leader of the CPC has made many enemies in both the government and the public. This remark has got the situation wrong in that its premise erroneously mistook autocracy that worships power for democracy and assumed that those disgruntled members in the ruling clique could become Xi Jinping's opponents.