A Crash in China's Property Market Probable

By He Qinglian on May 8, 2014
Source article in Chinese: 为中国房市续命的“三口气”

For years, people who warned about the burst of China's property market bubble appeared as if they were crying wolves. The state of the property business in the first quarter this year, however, showed that the wolves might really come this time because the three factors that helped keep China's real property market afloat might cease to be effective. These three factors are: local governments' reliance on land finance; real property companies' interests; and the collective actions owners took to resist the reduction of property prices.

My Take on what the Micro-Stimulus Scheme Reveals

By He Qinglian on April 25, 2014

Source article in Chinese: 微刺激:经济泡沫与投机继续膨胀

The recent emergence of the term “micro-stimulus” in the realm of Chinese economy marked the abandonment of the “no stimulus” directive of Likonomics”.