China's politics and public opinion

Original article in Chinese: 中国舆情与政治之间的复杂演变
By He Qinglian in April, 2013.

Ren Xianliang, Standing Deputy Chief of the Publicity Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, has recently published an article entitling “Managing the two domains of public opinion and bringing together the positive power in society” in Red Flag Manuscript, a subsidiary of Qiu Shi, a supreme publication of the Communist Party of China.

With tough remarks directed at media and opinion leaders such as “to warn whoever should be warned, to disallow whoever should be disallowed from making comments and to shut down whichever [websites] should be shut down”, the article drew a chorus of criticism on the internet.

On “China model”

Original article in Chinese: “中国模式”贻害全球.
By He Qinglian on April 2, 2013.

Xi Jinping's visit to Africa in mid-March has again spurred “neo-colonialism” into a hot topic of concern of the international community. The so-called “neo-colonialism” means that in order to plunder the resources of Africa, China disregards the environment and ecology of the continent; at the same time, it makes Africa a dumping ground for cheap industrial products. China's economic development in Africa brought scarcely any employment opportunities for the peoples of Africa; the Chinese government's policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and its unconditional aids broke the aid-with-political-conditions pattern of Western countries, as a result, dictators of some African countries became even more unbridled.

Why does Panda hug the Bear?

Original article in Chinese: “熊猫”为何热切拥抱“北极熊”?
By He Qinglian in March 2013.

On March 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Russia for a brief visit. Russia Today, Russia's official [news] website listed the story in a less prominent position, giving it the title: Geopolitical giants: New China leader in Moscow boosting ties; in stark contrast, China's publicized the visit with full force.