"Who hijacked the Chinese economy?"

By He Qinglian on February 15, 2014
Source article in Chinese: 何清涟:谁绑架了中国经济?

Of late Chinese media outlets are mentioning ever more frequently that other countries are staging a “currency war”. In articles claiming “China has become the victim of the Japanese Yen devaluation” and the like, they argued that many countries raced to lower the value of their own currencies to maintain an edge in their own foreign trade and thus moved China’s cheese. At the same time, these media outlets praised the Chinese government’s effort in maintaining the stability of RMB.

These articles made people inside the trade wonder why does Beijing not depreciate the Chinese currency to stimulate export like other countries did?

Is China the “Third Reich” of East Asia or preserver of the region's order?

By He Qinglian on February 8, 2014
Source Article in Chinese: 中国:东亚的“第三帝国”还是秩序守护者?

During the House Intelligence Committee Hearing held on February 4, United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that China's aggressive pursuit of territorial claims in the seas of East Asia is driven by a sense of historical destiny. That remark is only half correct. It is true that China is seeking to expand its territorial sovereignty. But to see that as “driven by a sense of historical destiny” is being misled by China's rhetoric. The truth is, China's expansion impulse comes from continued population growth while its local resources dwindle, the Malthusian catastrophe from which the country has no escape.