As stated in the introduction, this blog contains articles by HE Qinglian that were written in or translated into English.

While I tried to the best of my ability to ensure that the articles are properly and accurately translated in ways that observe fidelity to the source text in Chinese, there are times when I find myself not to have the necessary background knowledge to understand the texts correctly or when I realize my active vocabulary size may not be big enough for the task. In view of this, all entries here—except those published before July 2, 2011 or stated otherwise—serve only as unofficial translations of articles by He Qinglian.

In cases where discrepancies arise, the Chinese version on He’s VOA Chinese blog or her personal website shall prevail.

kRiZ cPEc
A Volunteer Translator

Written on Oct 9, 2011
Modified on Oct 12, 2011
Revised on Jan 30, 2012