"Li Keqiang Put" and "Zha Cai index"

By He Qinglian on August 12, 2013.
Source article in Chinese: 从“李克强看跌期权”到“榨菜指数”.

There are no consensus as to whether the Chinese economy is getting better or getting worse. The popular “Li Keqiang Put” indicated that the international investment banking sector expect the Chinese economy “to get better”; while the “Zha Cai index” brought forth by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) signaled that the entity economy of China is irretrievably “getting worse”.

What lies ahead for World Bank's proposals for China

According to a Wall Street Journal Report dated August 2, the World Bank, at the request of PRC State Council Premier Li Keqiang, and Development Research Center of the State Council are working together to set a reform agenda. The report revealed that the World Bank are gathering a wide variety of proposals and suggestions for China to privatize a major bank and allow farmers to sell their land. The author of that report commented that these are “Changes that could upend decades-old Communist Party ideology if implemented”.