Chomskyans' plea:the flame of political correctness now scourged us

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the Western Left's current eight-pronged map will be familiar with the name of Noam Chomsky, the great master of the Left. As the intellectual elites of the same age are gradually passing, Chomsky, who has spent his life criticizing the bastion of capitalism, the United States, and destroying this mountainous country, finally ushered in the end of America at the age of 91: in 2020, Wuhan pneumonia sent the U.S. economy into shock, and the BLM movement launched the American Cultural Revolution to erase the American history and destroy the foundations of the U.S. nation. As an "eternal opponent of America," Chomsky will of course join the revolutionary current, but also eagers to point the way, as he did during the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2003.