Shattering the old world and creating a new one

-- The American Cultural Revolution Underway

I lived through the Cultural Revolution in both China and the US

The Chinese have long feared the return of the Cultural Revolution, but few thought it would be reborn in America. As a Chinese intellectual who has experienced the scourge of the Left in China and understands the increasingly extreme leftist culture in the United States, it was not long before Barack Obama's "The Cultural Revolution" began to take hold in America. I found, back in the early days of the Obama administration, that the leftist culture in the United States shares the same DNA as that of the Cultural Revolution in China. For example, the Leftist culture would, in order to reconstruct historical memory, trumpet the deconstruction of history, and initiate the process of dismantling historical monuments and rewriting the historical status of Jefferson and General Lee by standards of identity (e.g., slave-ownership). These are not dissimilar to the Chinese Cultural Revolution terms of  destroying the Four Olds and dismantling the historical relics. A number of individuals who are familiar with the Cultural Revolution in China are calling it the American Cultural Revolution, and if you are interested, you can read "Report on the American Cultural Revolution Movement (Chinese only)", an article that documents the feats of the American Cultural Revolution In the United States not reported by the mainstream media and unbeknownst to the majority of the general public.