The Chinese way of Development Threatens Survival

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By He Qinglian on February 13, 2012
(translated by kRiZ cPEc)

Serious pollution problems in the soil, water and air of China

Apart from economic restructuring, China faces another challenge that is more serious: to change the way in which it develops. This change comprises two aspects, the first is that China must shift the way it uses energy from the high consumption pattern to the low consumption one; the second is remediation of the land. To start with, the huge number of polluting industries should be suspended from operation; and from now on, big money should be continuously allocated to gradual repair of the severely contaminated ecosystem, so that food and water in the country could return to their safety standards.

China Model in Overseas Setting (Two)—International Community Stops Believing the Dishonest China

By He Qinglian on February 6, 2012
(Translated by kRiZcPEc)

The obstacles that Chinese enterprises encounter when they invest overseas result from their rent-seeking approaches being rejected by the people under regimes similar to the Communist Party and distrust from the people in democratic countries because of the lack of integrity, an innate disease of Chinese enterprises and the products they made.

China Model in Overseas Setting (One)—Why the country's investments overseas attract frequent criticism?

By He Qinglian on February 2, 2012
(Translated by kRiZcPEc)

In recent years, China has been making rapid moves in overseas investments. According to the report published by Price Waterhouse Coopers in mid-January, the total worth of assets Chinese companies acquired in 2011 surge to 42.9 billion dollars, a twelve-percent growth from 2010; the number of total transactions rose to a record high of 207 instances, an increase of 10% from the previous year. Judging from the data alone, it seems that Chinese capitals are hugely popular worldwide.

High GDP growth: China's two bubbles remain

By He Qinglian on January 30, 2012
(Translated by kRiZcPEc)

China has again created a “world miracle” in economic growth rate. In 2011, the country's total GDP was RMB 47.1 trillion (USD 7.4 trillion), the annual GDP growth rate was 9.2%, and its nominal growth reached as high as 17.5%.

Such a growth rate could be deemed exponential anywhere in the world, but that didn't mean China's economy was growing steadily and soundly. Apart from showing an expansion in the country's economy, GDP growth did not indicate its structural problems had been resolved.

A look back at Deng Xiaoping's speech in southern China two decades ago

By He Qinglian on January 19, 2012
(translated by kRiZcPEc)

This January 18 marked the 20th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's tour around southern China (Southern tour). When the younger generations talk about the economic reform that Deng initiated, they have completely no idea that it almost went dead at the turn of 1980s and 1990s, and came back to life only after Deng went to the south and gave a speech in January 1992.