Likonomics: Can it work? Will it last?

By He Qinglian on July 22, 2013.
Source article in Chinese: “李克强经济学”的制度基础何在?

Since its coinage by Barclays Capital in a research report in June this year, the term "Likonomics" became a smash hit in the international investment banking sector, the media responded to it was so zealous that they interpreted the concept  in almost a free-wheeling manner.

Stability Maintenance and China

By He Qinglian on July 10, 2013.
Source article in Chinese: 中国基层政府的“维稳疲劳”.

Despite the fact that “stability maintenance” has evolved into a new thriving industrial chain in China and provided numerous officials and their families with opportunities for the distribution of benefits, local governments, being at the forefront of conflicts between government authority and the people, are increasingly weary of the never-ending stability maintenance measures, both in terms of budget input and bearing capacity of grassroots officials. Many signs indicated that grassroots officials generally developed a “stability maintenance fatigue”, and local governments, a fiscal fatigue.

A Financial crisis in China in the near future?

By He Qinglian on July 3, 2013.
Source article in Chinese: 中国近期内会不会发生金融危机?

Due to the recent “money shortage”, the question whether China is facing a financial crisis became a trending topic. Discussion on this focuses on two main themes—those inside the financial sector wonder how big this crisis actually is, how profound an impact it would have on China’s economy, and whether or not the crisis would erupt; those outside the sector are concerned if a financial crisis would lead to a political one.

This article will discuss if a financial crisis would take place in China in the near future.