On the Consequences of youth being nurtured into mercenary beings

By He Qinglian on October 20, 2013
Source article in Chinese: 青年被培养成利益动物的后果 - 从贵阳“拆迁学生军”谈起

This is a piece of news that I found unacceptable: On October 12, 72,000 square meters of “illegal constructions”* at Shangpu village, Shanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou province was demolished. Of the 2671 individuals who took part in tearing down those buildings, 837 were local college students.

This incident is but an example showing that the youth of China is being nurtured into mercenary beings.

Chinese Regime Suffers From Fiscal Hunger but Adds New Censors

Source article in Chinese: 网络舆情分析:用税收残害纳税人的新产业
By He Qinglian on October 3, 2013
This translation first appeared in the Epoch Times.

The Chinese state has a huge problem called “fiscal hunger”. Prior to 2012, the government had money freely flowing, as the annual tax revenues maintained a double-digit growth. Although the total tax revenues have continued to increase, the state’s demands are even more pressing, as the revenue growth rate is dropping.

China’s Secret ‘Regulation 1984′ on Prisoner Organ Extraction

Source article in Chinese: 一部剥夺死者尊严的“1984”法规
By He Qinglian on October 3, 2013
This translation first appeared in the Epoch Times.

Regulation 1984 discussed here does not refer to George Orwell’s 1949 novel, but to a Chinese law that took effect in 1984. The full name of the law is “Provisional Regulations regarding the use of corpses and organs from executed inmates by the Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.” If this regulation triggers the same horror as Orwell’s novel, it is purely by coincidence.