The origin of the Hong Kong problem and the way for a win-win solution

This article, if published before the August 18 peaceful march, would doubtlessly be criticized by people from all sides. And in fact, even today, I do not expect it to draw no criticism. Nonetheless, I hope that the people who read this post would think calmly over my reasoning. After all, the protest movement that has been on going for a few months, with the people of Hong Kong shedding sweat and even blood on the streets, should bear fruits that are conducive to both sides. This should be the best result that can be hoped for.

Cultural Revolution - Again?

Recently, Xinhua News Agency ran pieces that promoted “the spirit of the Boxers” and “the Fengqiao social management model”; and official documents stipulating that “Political Screening” be included in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (commonly known as Gaokao for short) in places like Chongqing, Fujian, and Zhejiang. Alongside these ominous signs of a repeat of the Cultural Revolution is a video, sent to Mingjing News, of Big Character Posters in favor of the Cultural Revolution and oppose private ownership purportedly seen on the streets of Beijing. By now, the Chinese people should indeed take heed of what is about to come: the openly expressed longings by top officials like Xi Jinping for the way Mao Zedong governed China coincides with the Mao-Leftists who are becoming increasingly active, and the people at the bottom of society, those who became part of the leadership class and the driving force of the revolution are reliving their power hallucination.

Domestic Color Revolution of the Democrats

After the mid-term election was over on November 6, the Democratic Party took back the majority status in the House of Representatives while the Republicans maintained control in the Senate. Although the Blue Wave the Democrats called for became merely a ripple, the party sees a bright future in 2020 with the Republicans suffering setbacks in the suburbs. All in all, the color revolution instigated by the Democrats in the U.S. has finally begun to bear fruits. This color revolution aims to change the color of the people and that of the thought.

How China Is Causing Real Estate Bubbles Around the World

By He Qinglian on March 12, 2016
Source article in Chinese: “帝国红利”套现,推动世界房产泡沫化
This abridged translation first appeared in the Epoch Time on March 20, 2016

Will the Chinese economy have a hard landing? Absolutely not, according to Xu Shaoshi, director of China’s state economic planning agency. A hard landing for China’s economy is not a possibility, and neither is it possible that China’s slowdown will drag down the global economy, Xu said at a news conference during the annual “Two Meetings,” the de facto legislature of the Communist Party.
Despite how much has already been written about China’s economic slowdown, Xu’s statements require a response.