Domestic Color Revolution of the Democrats

After the mid-term election was over on November 6, the Democratic Party took back the majority status in the House of Representatives while the Republicans maintained control in the Senate. Although the Blue Wave the Democrats called for became merely a ripple, the party sees a bright future in 2020 with the Republicans suffering setbacks in the suburbs. All in all, the color revolution instigated by the Democrats in the U.S. has finally begun to bear fruits. This color revolution aims to change the color of the people and that of the thought.

How China Is Causing Real Estate Bubbles Around the World

By He Qinglian on March 12, 2016
Source article in Chinese: “帝国红利”套现,推动世界房产泡沫化
This abridged translation first appeared in the Epoch Time on March 20, 2016

Will the Chinese economy have a hard landing? Absolutely not, according to Xu Shaoshi, director of China’s state economic planning agency. A hard landing for China’s economy is not a possibility, and neither is it possible that China’s slowdown will drag down the global economy, Xu said at a news conference during the annual “Two Meetings,” the de facto legislature of the Communist Party.
Despite how much has already been written about China’s economic slowdown, Xu’s statements require a response.

China’s Economy Is Just ‘One Kilometer’ Away From a Cliff

By He Qinglian on February 27, 2016
Source article in Chinese: 中国财政危机:距悬崖还有一公里
This abridged translation first appeared in the Epoch Time on March 7, 2016

The “China collapse theory” has once again become popular—and not in the usual places. Words that were once used exclusively in articles authored by “hostile forces”—like “cliff,” “crisis,” and “collapse”—now are publicly used by Chinese. Even more unusually, it is officials of the Communist Party (CCP) themselves that are using these terms to describe China’s economy.
Among them, China’s incumbent Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei is the most prominent recent example.

China’s Economic Recession Shatters Global Dreams of Prosperity

By He Qinglian on February 5, 2016
Source article in Chinese: 中国经济衰退,资源国发展梦碎
This abridged translation first appeared in the Epoch Time on February 22, 2016

While charging ahead to become the world’s second largest economy by gross domestic product, China devoured a massive amount of all kinds of metals, fuels, and crops from around the world. Australia, along with countries in Africa and South America, built its own dreams of prosperity on China’s rapid growth. The present recession in China therefore affects not only Chinese people but also dozens of developing countries prepared to sell mineral resources to China.